WLASS was initially established to provide the local authorities in the Waikato Region with a vehicle to procure shared services.

The key purpose of WLASS has evolved and it now drives collaboration between councils, and aims to improve customer service and performance, and to reduce costs.


Some of the WLASS achievements are Shared Valuation Data Service (SVDS), Local Government Health & Safety Pre-qualification Scheme, Insurance, Waikato Building Consent Group, Road Asset Technical Accord (RATA), Waikato Regional Transport Model (WRTM), Future Proof, Aligned Resource Consent Planning, Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications (RITS), Collaboration Agreement with Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA), Professional Services Panel (PSP), IT Professional Services Panel, Waikato Regional Aerial Photography Service (WRAPS), and more.

Working Parties

Much of the work of WLASS is undertaken by Working Parties or Advisory Groups made up of staff representatives from the shareholding councils, with expertise and interest in particular services.

Member councils pay a small annual levy, depending on their size. Services provided by WLASS are funded on a user pays basis - each council pays for and receives the financial benefit of its share of any particular service.

Shared Services